MSI Dual Pot Sand Filter

Sizes 3-1/16”
Pressures 5 000 PSI, 10 000 PSI, 15 000 PSI
Connections API 6A flanges, Fig.1502, Grayloc
Elements Stainless Steel (washable)
Material Class EE
Temperature Range PU (KU and PX available on special request)
PR 1 (2 on special request)

MSI FZC manufactures vertical dual pot sand filters for well testing operations. The pressure vessels are certified and stamped ASME “U2”.The system includes water jet nozzles to wash the filter elements. Internal flow disruption elements are installed to remove the heaviest particles and debris to extend the life of the filter elements.
The system is also equipped with a pneumatic actuated hoist to extract the filter elements.

The drainage line (2-1/16”) allows to remove all the particles debris accumulated at the bottom of the vessels without opening the vessels.