BATCH MIXING Trailer, Squared Tanks

Chassis Trailer
Drive Engine Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar
Batch Tank 10 cu.m.
Volume Jet type
Mixing Head 2 pcs.
Agitator 10 cu.m.
“On the fly” Mixing Tank:
Volume Jet type with water line
Mixing Head 1 pcs.
Slurry density 1…2,7 tons/cu.m
Silo Compressor:
Flow Rate 1050 cu.m./h
Max. Pressure 2,5MPa (35 PSI)
Overall dimensions:
- Length , not more 12,0 m
- Width, not more 2,55m
- Height, not more 4,0 m
-Weight, not more 25 000 kg